Just as its title suggests, this work is a dictionary of more than 17,000 terms currently in use in the fields of  biochemistry and molecular biology. Entries are uniformly concise, with entries for the most complex topics (such as protein) covering only about half a page. In a single alphabet, the dictionary includes topics and methods, chemical substances, and brief biographical entries of key scientists. The only illustrations are structure diagrams of the more complex chemical compounds. Appendixes help the reader understand scientific nomenclature and Greek symbols, list organizations and Web sites of interest in the field, and cover current hot topics in biochemistry. Despite its low price (especially for a science reference source), this dictionary is not for every library. Because it will require a significant scientific background to be able to understand the content of this work, it is beyond the reach of the casual reader. Libraries supporting research or college-level study in the field will find it useful, but other libraries will be able to rely on existing chemical and biological reference works to cover this material. For public libraries, the eighth edition of the McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology [RBB S 15 97] and The Merck Index (12th ed., Merck, 1996), which is an excellent source for information on chemical compounds, will fill most needs.

Páginas : 753 | Peso : 83 mb. | Formato : PDF. | Edición : Primera | Año de Publicación :1997 | ISBN : 978-0198547686 | Editorial : Oxford University
Autor : Dr A D Smith, S. P. Datta, G. Howard Smith



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